#Antivirus dashboard

30 day rolling dashboard for online global conversations citing supply or demand of oxygen. Built using Lexus Nexis data via Talkwalker portal.

Data Range: 29 April 2021- 29 May 2021

Sponsored by The PRactice

Nation wide conversations quoting 'Demand' of oxygen can be seen to diminish over time post 29th April. National lockdowns have been monumental in bringing down distress and enabling supply. A total of 279,300 results were scraped which matched our selection criterion for the study during 29th April-28th May 2021.
Delhi may be over-represented for three reasons:
1) it hit a massive peak in the end of April
2) Many publishers have their head offices located here- hence geo-tagged by default as delhi
3) Central and State comms also are heavily skewed towards Delhi.

Blue highlights 'Demand' and green highlights 'supply' of oxygen. Estimated by the number of online usage of words near each other in any article/blog/tweet/facebook post/forum online.

Demand Themes

Supply themes

Oraganizations tracker


We geo locate online conversations and make them available to decision makers.

for demand- a boolean search phrase { (("patient" NEAR/4 needs) NEAR/5 oxygen) AND SPO2>70 AND sourcecountry:in} was used
supply {( oxygen NEAR/4 (free) OR (We NEAR/5 giv* NEAR/2 concentrators) AND sourcecountry:in} was used